Ilha do Corvo | Junho de 2014

Ilha do Corvo | Junho de 2014









In honor of hitting 69 followers I will be giving away this small shopping cart I found in the trash at work (I’m a janitor so this isn’t as strange as it sounds, I find all sorts of crap). You do not have to be following me, and I will ship anywhere in the world on my own money. If you would like to win said small shopping cart reblog this post by June 30th! Winner will be chosen at random.

This has eleven thousand notes in under twelve hours.  My followers have multiplied twentyfold.  A fic has been written about me and my goddamn shopping cart.  Why.  Why does a tiny shopping cart instill such passion in the hearts of bloggers

fifteen days left!  Reblog to improve your chances of winning this eight dollar hunk of metal by one hundredth of a percent!  You know you want it.

i’m not even reblogging this because i want to win. i’m reblogging this because it feels like taking a part in history

I honestly do want this tiny shopping cart.

Effed if I know what this says about me and 200K+ other people but this is simply a highly desirable item.

maybe the original poster is a giant and he’ll be sending a regular size shopping cart

^ /thread

I’ve always wanted a tiny shopping cart. Fingers crossed!

A caminho da Lagoa das Patas
Flores, Açores | Junho 2014


The single most important thing that has happened to me lately.

(besides finding true love, of course)


Organic Modern Estate


Anna Mikhailovskaia *

Draw.Cut.Fall. (Disappearing Act)— still frames from the video

A futile attempt to create an opening to endless space inside a confined room.
In this video performance I cut out the interior corner of a room and fell inside the revealed space, leaving behind a black hole.

Burgau Blue

Abril de 2014

Burgau Blue

Abril de 2014

The Surprising Science of Yawning



Maria Konnikova on why yawning may actually signal the opposite of what we think:

Photograph by Chris Steele-Perkins/Magnum.

The world is so big, so complicated, so replete with marvels and surprises that it takes years for most people to begin to notice that it is, also, irretrievably broken. We call this period of research “childhood.”

There follows a program of renewed inquiry, often involuntary, into the nature and effects of mortality, entropy, heartbreak, violence, failure, cowardice, duplicity, cruelty, and grief; the researcher learns their histories, and their bitter lessons, by heart. Along the way, he or she discovers that the world has been broken for as long as anyone can remember, and struggles to reconcile this fact with the ache of cosmic nostalgia that arises, from time to time, in the researcher’s heart: an intimation of vanished glory, of lost wholeness, a memory of the world unbroken. We call the moment at which this ache first arises “adolescence.” The feeling haunts people all their lives.

Everyone, sooner or later, gets a thorough schooling in brokenness.

Michael Chabon, The Wes Anderson Collection (via brightwalldarkroom)
Far From Any Road by The Handsome Family from the album: Singing Bones


The Handsome Family - Far From Any Road

"True Detective" OST

Uma nódoa de gordura, um vislumbre do esgoto.

A grease stain, a glimpse into the gutter.